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Newton Research was founded by repeat entrepreneurs who have built multiple successful analytics companies. We were inspired to launch Newton based on firsthand experience with deficiencies in existing analytics workflows and dashboards. Decision makers often lack an answer to the particular question being asked today because their dashboard was built to answer yesterday's questions. Frequently, this leads to the business user urgently asking for ad hoc work from their BI or data science team while they wait for data to support their decision. Companies struggle to staff this critical analytics function that leverages corporate data assets for smarter decisions, and as a result, companies are underutilizing their data.

At Newton Research, we see a different way. We are building "Newton" an AI-powered virtual team member who acts much like a data analyst or data scientist. With Newton on your team, a company can democratize access to data and analytics, all the way to the business executive and decision makers.

Today, Newton has been trained extensively on media, marketing and advertising. Newton is using this expertise to help brands, agencies and publishers to augment their data science teams and leverage the massive amounts of data they're collecting to make more data-informed decisions.

Newton Insights

The Team

John Hoctor

CEO & Founder

Matthew Emans

CTO & Founder

Steven Bennett

CDS & Co-Founder